Knowledge Exchange Events

We are committed to disseminate our research outcomes widely to non-academic public, via a series of knowledge exchange activities.

michelacaseykid_smiling-206Explorathon 2016, Whale Arts Centre, Edinburgh, 1 October 2016

Building models in science

Our team, led by Michela Massimi, takes part in this year’s Explorathon 2016, our largest ever celebration for European Researchers’ Night across Scotland. This event is for 5-11 years old children, and it is a journey through the importance of models in science. By building a (take-home) DNA model, we  explore how scientists use models as standpoints to investigate nature.

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HTLGI-logo-festival-calendar-HowTheLightGetsIn 2016, Hay-on-Wye (28-29 May 2016)

HowTheLightGetsIn is the annual Philosophy and Music International Festival at Hay on Wye. Michela Massimi will feature in three events, including two roundtables with CERN physicist John Ellis and Oxford chemist Peter Atkins.

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