History of Science

&HPS7 International Conference

Franklin Jacoby and Michela Massimi present two papers at &HPS7 international conference in Hannover (July 2018). Michela’s talk is on the history of the electron through perspectival lenses. Franklin’s talk is on the Chemical Revolution and Perspectivism.


Massimi, M. (2017) Philosophy and the Chemical Revolution after Kant. In K. Ameriks (Ed.) The Cambridge Companion to German Idealism (2nd ed). (pp. 182-204) Cambridge: CUP

This chapter addresses some key ideas of Schelling’s philosophy of nature with two main goals in mind. First, it clarifies how in Schelling’s hands, some key aspects of Kant’s philosophy of nature were transformed into a radically new philosophy of nature. Second, the chapter sheds light on some under appreciated aspects of Schelling’s philosophy of nature vis-à-vis the cultural milieu of Jena at the turn of the nineteenth century, in particular the debate surrounding the Chemical Revolution and the role of Johann Ritter in it.

[Download Open Access PDF]; doi: 10.1017/9781316556511.011


Massimi, M. (2016) Three tales of scientific success, Philosophy of Science,  83(5), 757-767 

Success-to-truth inferences have been the realist stronghold for long time. Scientific success is the parameter by which realists claim to discern approximately true theories from false ones. But scientific success needs be probed a bit deeper. In this paper, I tell three tales of scientific success, by considering in turn success from nowhere, success from here now, and success from within. I argue for a suitable version of success from within that can do justice to the historically situated nature of our scientific knowledge. The outcome is a new way of thinking about success-to-truth inferences along perspectivalist lines.

[download Open Access PDF] doi: 10.1086/687861