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Perspectival Realism
Perspectival Realism

Beyond Standard Model at CERN

June 2019

Michela Massimi participated in an interdisciplinary panel discussion on “Investing in Fundamental Research—for whom?” as part of the Future Circular Collider conference, Brussel, chaired by journalist Anjana Ahuja.

January 2018

Michela Massimi took part in the launching event of the CERN History Project, twenty years after the original history of CERN project (1940s-1970s). Covering  the history of CERN from the 1970s to the present, it presents prospects, challenges and themes at the junction of history and philosophy.

January 2017

Our team takes part in the international conference “New Directions in Theoretical Physics 2” organised by the Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics, at the University of Edinburgh 11-13 January 2017. The future of Beyond the Standard Model physics, Dark Matter models, gravitational waves, and LambdaCDM, among the topics covered in this three-day exciting event.

CMS_Higgs-eventOctober 2016

Our team takes part in the international workshop “Fit(s) for LHC Run 2” organised by the Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics, at the University of Edinburgh, in collaboration with the DFG Network “New Physics at the LHC” (main organiser: Michael Krämer, who is part of our International Advisory Board). Fits of the data in terms of new physics models (e.g. general MSSM, simplified models, et al.) will be the topic of this 3-day workshop.

LHCSeptember 2016

Our second fieldwork trip to CERN will be from 12-15 September 2016. Our team will resume conversations with theoretical physicists and experimentalists on problems and prospects of Beyond Standard Model searches following the ICHEP 2016 Conference in Chicago.

Fieldwork, Beyond Standard Model at CERN: © xenotarJune 2016

Our first fieldwork trip at CERN is on the 8-11 June 2016. Our team will meet theoretical physicists and experimentalists both at ATLAS and CMS collaborations to discuss the current state-of-the-art in Beyond Standard Model searches, SUSY, and the latest news from the ATLAS run.