Knowledge from a Human Point of View

13th-14th December 2018, 0930, Rm G32, 7 George Square, Edinburgh, EH8 9JZ

The goal of this second international conference is to investigate the roots of perspectivism in the history of early modern philosophy and its ramifications for contemporary debates in epistemology.


From Kant to Nietszche, from the American Pragmatists to Putnam: what is at stake in the idea of knowledge from a human point of view? How does perspectivism differ from Putnam’s internal realism, or from conceptual and epistemic relativism? What are its implications for standpoint epistemology and explanatory understanding?

The event is free and open to everyone but registration is required.


Keynote speakers:


Conference Abstracts


Thursday 13th December
09.00-09.30 Coffee and Welcome
09.30-11.00 Barry Stroud
From a Human Point of View (comments by Andrew Stephenson)
11.15-12.45 Rachel Zuckert
Attempting to Exit the Human Perspective: A Priori Experimentation in Kant’s ‘Critique of Pure Reason’ (comments by Jim O’Shea)
14.00-15.30 Steven Hales
Nietzsche’s epistemic perspectivism (comments by Dave Ward)
15.45-17.15 Nick Treanor
Quantities of Knowledge and Ignorance in Perspective (comments by Sophie Keeling)
Friday 14th December
08.30-09.00 Coffee
 09.00-10.30 Matthew Brown
Pluralism, Realism, and Perspectivism in the American Pragmatist Tradition (comments by Jeremy Dunham)
10.30-12.00 J. Adam Carter
Virtue Perspectivism, Relativism and Epistemic Circularity (comments by Michela Massimi)
13.00-14.30 Mario De Caro
Perspectivism and naturalism (comments by Bryan Pickel)
14.30-16.00 Natalie Ashton
Perspectival Realism and Standpoint Epistemology (comments by Aidan McGlynn)
16.00-17.30 Kareem Khalifa & Jared Millson
Perspectives, Questions, and Epistemic Value (comments by Suilin Lavelle)
Image: Giorgio de Chririco’s ‘Philosopher and Poet’