Metaphysics from a Human Point of View

26th-28th April 2021

The goal of this third and final international conference is to explore the metaphysical implications of perspectivism for contemporary philosophy of science.

From scientific understanding to Kuhnian legacies, from semantic issues about natural kind terms to feminist, pluralist and pragmatist approaches to questions about reality, this final conference brings together a vast array of themes at the intersection of metaphysics of science and scientific practice.

The event is free and open to everyone but registration is required.



Conference Abstracts

Monday 26th April
14:30-15:45Helen Beebee
Knowledge and Understanding in Metaphysics
16:00-17:15Catherine Z. Elgin
Models in Understanding
Tuesday 27th April
09:00-10:15Steven French
Phenomenology, Perspectivalism and (Quantum) Physics
10:30-11:45Orly Shenker
The Human Vantage Point in Physics and in the Special Sciences
11:50-13:05Paul Teller
How to Think About the World
14:00-15:15Mieke Boon
How do Scientific Models Represent? The Role of Disciplinary Perspectives
15:30-16:45Genoveva Martí & Carl Hoefer
Realism, Reference & Perspective
16:45-18:00Åsa Wikforss & Sören Haggqvist
Natural Kind Terms: How Does the Millian Theory Fare?
Conference dinner for speakers
Wednesday 28th April
09:00-10:15Stathis Psillos
The Law Wars: the Relations Between Science and Metaphysics
10:30-11:45Paul Hoyningen-Huene
The Genealogy of Kuhn-type Antirealism
11:50-13:05Miriam Solomon
On Pluralism in Psychiatry
14:00-15:15Jan-Willem Romeijn
Perspectival Realism about Mental Disorders
15:30-16:45Sandra Mitchell
Experimental Evidence for the Reality of Emergent Entities
16:45-18:00Helen Longino
Objects and Interactions: A Plea for a Pluralist Ontology

Image: Wassily Kandinsky’s ‘In Blue’,