Press Coverage

Our project features in the Research*eu magazine special feature on ‘From Socrates to modern science: New perspectives in European philosophy’. Click here to read the issue.

Our workshop on Perspectives on Big Science and the Question of Justice features in the June 2021 editorial of Nature Physics. Click here to read the article.

Michela Massimi joins Ruth Siddall, Andrea Sella, Alice Roberts, Ethan Siegel, Kirsty Spalding at the BBC World Service in this episode of BBC CrowdScience where we discuss atoms, reality and what makes me ‘me’.

In this interview with Peter West, Michela discusses the future of research in the UK post-Brexit, the challenges and rewards of interdisciplinary research, shares some thoughts on the history of philosophy and science and our relationship with it, and emphasises the importance of bringing philosophy into the public sphere. She also offers advice for early career researchers and graduate students in philosophy.

Our project and Michela Massimi have featured in a specially dedicated blog in the Dept of Philosophy, University of La Laguna (Canary Islands) Spain.

Enrico Magnani, an Italian physicist-turned-artist, has been working with CERN, fostering a new dialogue between science and art, ‘making disciplines, once clearly united but now perceived as separate, to meet and mutually bear fruit.’ He shared his thoughts and works at our event Cross-disciplinary perspectives on model-independent searches in February 2019. In July 2019, he participated in an exhibition at CERN, Searching The Unknown; The Dark Matter Collection. The accompanying catalogue for the event included When Art Meets Science; Perspectives on Dark Matter, bringing together reflections from scientists and Michela Massimi.

Our project features in November 2019 article of the Italian magazine, Le Scienze. Click here for the full article (original Italian).

In a Physics World feature article on model independence, Michela Massimi discusses the methodological promise of model independence in high energy physics in the wake of the European Particle Physics Strategy and the publication of the Conceptual Design Report for the Future Circular Collider. (Read the full piece here)

Perspectival realism features in the Philosopher’s Zone on ABC Australian Radio as Michela Massimi talks to Dan Falk about the project and how it relates to broader issues about realism and situated knowledge. We’ve posted an excerpt below but you can find the full programme here.

How to tell a true story about nature within the boundaries of technology, instruments and model-building that are historically and culturally situated? Michela Massimi talks to Dan Falk about perspectival realism at a Dartmouth workshop.

Reflections by Jon Butterworth about why physics needs philosophy in relation to our 2019 workshop on model-independent searches on The Cosmic Shambles Network

Michela Massimi discusses the limits of thinking along Popperian lines when it comes to assessing progress in particle physics and the promise of building the Future Circular Collider (FCC) in Frankfurter Allgemeine (English translation)Click here for the original German version.

Michela’s long essay on the importance of truth in science and how truth and perspectivism might go hand in hand has appeared in the ezine, Aeon.

Michela’s Wilkins-Bernal-Medawar lecture has been translated from the Notes and Records of the Royal Society into Italian and features in the 2019 Almanacco di Filosofia of the Italian magazine, MicroMega. Click here for the full Italian article.

Michela Massimi talks to Michael Brooks at Cosmos magazine about the latest research on dark matter and its philosophical status together with Stacy McGaugh, Julian Riess, and other physicists.

In conversation with the leading Chinese magazine, Sanlian Life Weekly, Michela Massimi talks about her project, the value of interdisciplinary research, and why philosophy matters for physics

Richard Marshall interviews Michela Massimi for his blog, 3:16 — a journey through the history of quantum theory, Kant’s natural philosophy, the importance of interdisciplinary research and the aims and goals of the ERC project. to view.

Michela Massimi talks to Philip Ball at Quanta magazine about the relevance of philosophy of science to science, the role of evidence, and the nature of scientific progress.

Our Edinburgh International Science Festival 2018 event, Searching for Dark Matter and Dark Energy, has featured in BBC Sky at Night Magazine . If you missed the event, you can watch the full video here.

Our ERC project features in the February 2018 issue of the Hungarian journal Pulse: A Journal for History, Philosophy, & Sociology of Science. Michela Massimi talks to Michele Luchetti about the project as well as the challenges and rewards of interdisciplinary research. Click here to view

Michela Massimi talks to science journalist Sibylle Anderl about the importance of interdisciplinarity and why philosophers should work more closely with scientists in Frankfurter Allgemeine, January 2018. Click here to view.

Michela Massimi discusses the scientific method in philosophy of science and model independent searches in particle physics in Robinson, the Sunday supplement of the Italian newspaper, La Repubblica in October 2017

Click here to view

Michela Massimi reflects on the methodological challenges facing cosmology and particle physics in The Guardian

Read here Michela’s contribution to Jon Butterworth’s Life and Physics blog in The Guardian. The latest from our ERC project and fieldwork at CERN and DES.  July 2017

Our ERC project features in the July 2017 issue of EU Researcher

Here is a snapshot of our project and its overarching philosophical goals, with extract of an interview to Michela Massimi on how to reconcile perspectivism with realism about science.

Casey McCoy on inflationary cosmology and our ERC project in the British Journal for the Philosophy of Science blog Auxiliary Hypotheses

Read here Casey McCoy’s reflection on hot Big Bang cosmology and the importance of cosmology in contemporary philosophy of physics, and how our project aims to answer some of these questions.

Report of the Royal Society of Edinburgh April 2017

Here is the report of the Royal Society of Edinburgh concerning the half-day workshop Modelling Beyond Standard Model Physics held at the RSE on the 13th April.

The Reasoner November 2016

Read here the interview with Michela Massimi about her ERC Project about Perspectival Realism.